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Profile of the Red Cross Society of Pudong New Area

     Pudong New Area lies in the east of Shanghai, a junction of the center of China’s costal zones and Yantze Estuary. It is close to Shanghai’s Downtown boasting tremendous economic power, lying on the south of Yangtze River delta featuring abundant natural resources and a birthplace of many great names of the history, and facing the vast Pacific Ocean. On April 24th 2009, the State Council approved to incorporate the administrative area of Nanhui District into Pudong New Area. Since then, Pudong New Area commenced a new undertaking. After the incorporation, the area of Pudong New Area reaches 1210 square kilometers with 4.12 million permanent residents, accounting for 20% of the whole area and population of Shanghai. At present, Pudong New Area has 33 streets ( towns). 

     The original Red Cross Societies of Pudong New Area and Nanhui Districts have been committed to serving for the District Committee of the CPC and the district government, becoming an efficient assistance in the aspect of the government humanitarian relief via its fruit works. They have been improving their performance, proactively facilitating the commitments in Disaster Relief, Social Relief and Medical Aid. Their effective and solid contributions have many times won the awards from Red Cross Society of China and Red Cross Society of Shanghai. 

     Since Nanhui District was incorporated into Pudong New Area, the Pudong New Area government and its Committee of the CPC has been highlighting the work of the Red Cross Society, making it clear that the Red Cross Committees of Pudong New Area is the organization directly under the district government, and it has a leading party group with independent system. 


     It indicates that the Red Cross Society of Pudong New Area has been transformed from a secondary unit under the Health Department of Social Development Bureau to a social organization with independent system. Hence, the role of the Red Cross, an assistant in the government relief system, increasingly stands out, and the Red Cross Society of Pudong New Area is holding a bright prospect. Faced with the historic opportunity of starting a new undertaking and meeting the requirements of the district government and its committee of the CPCC, the Red Cross Society of Pudong New Area is initiating a new Red Cross spirit, namely Harmony, Innovation, Energy, Devotion and Efficiency. It is committed to working hard in unity, rising to challenges with a new mindset, and taking a big leap in the Red Cross undertaking in China.

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