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Philanthropic Sunshine, we are on the move

     To call for more enterprises and individuals to participate in the Red Cross cause and spread the warmth of love and care to more people in need, Red Cross Society of Shanghai Pudong New Area has always been committed to innovating relief measures and widening donation channels. In the light of this spirit, an ad hoc donation channel, Philanthropic Sunshine, has been established. Enterprises and individuals who want to participate in the cause of charity can either pick up some philanthropic programs listed under the Philanthropic Sunshine, or set up new donation programs which will be carried out under the supervision and control of the Red Cross. Pudong Red Cross will disclose information concerning the relief measures taken to the public through its website and the media, welcoming the supervision of the individuals and enterprises that make donations as well as the whole community.

Red Cross Society of Shanghai Pudong New Area

Tens of millions of people help tens of thousands of families
The program is dedicated to offering relief and support for tumor patients, people suffering disability due to leprosy, psychotic patients, elderly people struggling in poverty due to chronic diseases and victims of accidents and disasters in the neediest families
Relief and support for needy families suffering severe diseases
The program targets at rural families relying on minimum social welfare or suffering severe diseases, peasants with no farmlands, and needy town residents with no medical insurance.
Financial support for needy leukemia patients
The program aims to provide financial support for leukemia patients under the age of twenty-five in needy families in Pudong New Area to receive hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.
Financial support for needy elderly people suffering severe diseases
The program aims to provide support for elderly people over the age of sixty who suffer severe diseases and rely on the minimum social welfare.
East Hospital & China Resources, Start a New Life with a New Heart
The donation fund will be allocated exclusively for needy patients with congenital heart defects both in Shanghai and from the rest parts of China.
Zi Zhu Loving Care Program, Harmonious Life for the Elderly
launched to help improve the life quality of needy diabetic patients over 65 years old.
The Green Life Card
children and teenagers. Support is provided to families suffering poverty due to their children’s hospitalization. As one of the first non-profit charity programs of this kind
Jianping Study Grants
provide more financial support to students from unprivileged backgrounds
Emergency aid from Red Cross Society of Pudong New Area
Red Cross Society of Pudong New Area aims to provide prompt emergency aid to patients in critical condition (immigrant workers included), residents with no source of income and in need of ……
Disaster emergency rescue from Red Cross Society of Pudong New Area
1. Emergency management 2. On-site rescue 3. Transportation 4. Medical health 5. Security 6. Materials 7. Funding 8. Social mobilization ……
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